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F.A.Q. s

Q: How can I get a voucher to help with child care expenses?

Lexington County Department of Social Services (DSS) administers the ABC Childcare Voucher program. Lexington County First Steps does not offer child care vouchers.

Q: What programs do you offer?

Lexington County First Steps provides services in two primary areas.  The first is Parenting and Family Strengthening to include the following programs:  Parents As Teachers; From Day One to Grade One: Countdown to Kindergarten; and Nurse Family Partnership.  The second area of focus is childcare and these programs include: Quality Enhancement, Provider Training and provider resource center. 

Q: If I want parenting services, what do you have to offer ?

Lexington County First Steps helps to fund programs in each of the counties five school districts.  If you would like to receive parenting services, please visit our Parents As Teachers page and click on the school district in which you live to learn more.